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The internet you use should be a reflection of yourself, and clutter-free.
So we created a mirror to help you discover the best content, products, tools, games, and everything else you love!.

How many random scrolls until you find something relevant?

Platform algorithms have caused a clutter of mediocre content finding its way into our feeds causing vibe kill, bad aftertaste and definitely loss of content appetite. Almanack is here to save the day.


What is Almanack?

People love curating, and reading lists of their favorite apps, websites, tools, books, products, and tweets & put them to use when the time comes. On Almanack you can discover, curate and share these awesome lists & interact with others who share the same interests.

Geek out about things you love, with others enthusiasts around the world

Interact with others who share similar interests and become a part of the tribe. If another weeb recommends an anime, you're more likely to watch it than if an algorithm does.


The internet powered by you

Almanack is making the internet democratic, collaborative, and clutter- free. The internet by the people and for the people.